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Find out what’s happening in our region and learn how to get connected! Postcards from the field offer a snapshot of current programming and upcoming events. Get quick access to vital details about the Chemeketa Region by clicking on district details. Industry partners, parents and guardians, educators, students and CTE instructors interested in getting involved can check out our partner guides. Is there someone specific you are trying to get in touch with? Try our CCL Regional Contacts Directory. We organized our essential, regional links by audience for quick access. If you are looking for local CCL institutions, check out CCL spaces! Contact us at Career Connect Oregon to get in touch.

Postcards From the Field

Dispatches from the field of Chemeketa Career Technical Education

CTE Exporation Week

Sponsored by Oregon Career Pathways, this 4-day event allowed 26 students aged 14-16 the opportunity to explore Career Technical Education (CTE) career paths available at Chemeketa Community College. Students could choose two options—a morning session and afternoon session- at the Salem campus from the following options—Allied Health (HIM Billing and Coding, Anesthesia Technology, Dental Assisting and Behavioral Health), Horticulture, Computer Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Machining, and Early Childhood Education. At the Brooks campus, students could opt for an all-day experience with Diesel Technology.

Students from 10 schools across Yamhill, Polk and Marion counties participated in the event, which targeted 14-16 year olds. This focus was based on a needs assessment conducted in Fall 2022, which identified a significant need for Career Connected Learning (CCL) programming at younger grade levels. The assessment also highlighted a lack of available programming for rural students, leading to targeted outreach to rural schools within the Chemeketa service region. To ensure equity and access for all participants, the event provided grab-and-go breakfast and lunch, along with language services for those who needed them in order to provide equity and access for all.

Bridging the Equity Gap

Oregon Connections (known nationally at Pathful Connect) is the online platform to connect students to career exploration via interactive, virtual sessions with career professionals across every industry sector. Through the South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership (SMSP), all K-20 teachers in the SMSP region have free, unlimited access to Oregon Connections/Pathful Connect.

In Spring 2023, Chemeketa’s Career Connected Learning System Navigator (CCLSN) was able to connect a few rural schools to the Senior Partner Success Manager in the Western Region, Chris Merryman, in order to set up their free accounts with Oregon Connections. The use of this resource in the schools have been instrumental in supplementing Career Connected Learning (CCL) for those students who otherwise would not have had access to in-person programming.

Partner Spotlight: Willamette Workforce Partnership

Katie Castillo, Chemeketa’s CCLSN, has been working with Willamette Workforce Partnership’s Healthcare Sector Contractor, Jeanine Stice and Business Services Director, Dean Craig, on an exciting new project! The “Faces of Healthcare” video project aims to shed a light on healthcare careers that students can get their start in by enrolling in programs at Chemeketa Community College. Recruiting for these videos started in Fall 2023, with a goal of finishing by Spring 2024. Chemeketa’s CCLSN cannot wait to share these videos with youth interested in health careers in the region!

District Details

Serving Yamhill, Polk, Marion, and Linn Counties.

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Regional CCL Hub: Chemeketa Community College

Serving over 7,000 students, Chemeketa's mission is to 'transform lives and strengthen communities through quality education, services, and workforce training.' With 7 locations in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties, Chemeketa is the first community college in Oregon to offer an Applied Bachelor's degree.

I want to get involved locally... where do I start?

Dear Industry Partners,

Being based locally is an asset! Strengthen your community partnerships by reaching out to your Career Connected Systems Navigator or Small Business Development Center. For further guidance, contact your Workforce Development Board, STEM Hub Director or get in touch with high school career and guidance counselors.

Your direct involvement makes a difference! Provide guidance and feedback to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs by serving on a local CTE Program Advisory Committee. Mentor young people by developing internships, registered apprenticeships and posting job opportunities. Engage in outreach and promotion by participating in a career day or career fair.

Do you have a resource or contact to share? Please reach out to us at the contact information below! For an overview of how your company can get involved, download our CCL Guide for Industry Partners below. You can also visit the Career Connect Oregon page for industry partners.

View Industry Partners Guide

Dear Community-Based Organizations,

Did you know that Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are uniquely suited to improve workforce development for young people ages 18-24 with pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships? Learn more by reading this helpful article by the Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning!

While your organization builds capacity to run apprenticeship programs, you can partner with other organizations and provide essential training, offer referrals, and contribute services to complement existing programs. Consider pilot programs as a viable starting point!

For information about national apprenticeship initiatives, consult Apprenticeship USA. For resources specific to Oregon, check out this link from the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries. The Oregon Health Authority is partnering with CBOs to provide funding for apprenticeship programs. Additional sources for general funding can be found at Care Oregon and the Oregon Community Foundation.


Dear CTE and STE(A)M Instructors, Counselors, and Education Administrators,

If you know someone starting out, send them to the Oregon Department of Education to learn about CTE teacher preparation and licensure. Once you are in the classroom, you are covered by Oregon State Standards. In addition, Career Connect Oregon has combined standards from the American School Counselor Association and Oregon Administrative Rules in an easy-to-read handout. We also provide you with curriculum suites at Career Connect Oregon.

To stay up-to-date in your field, consult with the Association for Career and Technical Education, and always check out what in-person and online trainings Oregon PDNetworks has to offer.

Return often to stay informed about what’s happening in your region and who to get in touch with to connect your students with the rich resources in your community.

You can also visit the Career Connect Oregon Page for educators.

View Educators Guide

Dear Students,

Get help and find the career and educational path that feels right for you. Here are some places you can check out right now!

Match careers to your interests at Oregon CIS, YouScience. Ask your school counselor for more information. What’s hot? Use Oregon’s Employment Department to research wages, required skills and education for high-demand jobs. Get paid to learn at AmeriCorps, JobCorps, and YouthCorps while serving in communities across Oregon and the US.

Want to start a business? Oregon’s Small Business Development Center and DECA have programs to help your ideas grow. Many careers with high levels of responsibility require a degree or training. Find hundreds of programs across Oregon schools. Check out Oregon’s 7 Public Universities, 17 Community Colleges, and Licensed Private Career Schools. Concerned about how you’ll pay for education? Oregon Student Aid has affordable options for everyone. You can also visit the Career Connect Oregon page for students.

Resource Guide for Grades 1-4

Resource Guide for Grades 5-8

Resource Guide for Grades 9-12


Dear Families and Caregivers,

You are the first influence on the young person in your home, and Career Connect Oregon is here to assist you in guiding them. Begin by encouraging self-discovery and exploration. What jobs are they interested in? Oregon CIS, YouScience, and Oregon Department of Education’s Career Explorer are excellent, free resources for developing awareness and beginning exploration.

What skill does your student need to develop along the way? Tap Oregon Employability Skills for their traits framework and C3 for their career journey maps, which will help in planning coursework and early workplace experiences.

As students enter high school, keep an eye on Oregon Diploma requirements. Oregon Employment Department’s Career Explorer will help spark a conversation about jobs.

View Families Guide


CCL Regional Contacts

Katie Castillo

Title: Career Connected Learning Systems Navigator

Role Description: A Career Connected Learning Systems Navigator facilitates the integration of educational and career development programs, serving as a liaison between schools, community colleges and industry partners. This role focuses on ensuring equitable access to career learning opportunities, guiding students through awareness, exploration, preparation and training in various career paths​.

Phone Number: 503-365-4698

E-mail: kcastil2@chemeketa.edu

Chris Seely

Title: Workforce Development Specialist | Salem Chamber of Commerce

Role Description: A workforce development specialist leads initiatives to support and grow local small businesses, providing guidance, resources, and training. This role involves collaboration with community stakeholders to foster a thriving small business ecosystem

Phone Number: 503-581-1466 ext 308

E-mail: chris@salemchamber.org

Ed Woods

Title: Director | Mid-Willamette Education Consortium

Role Description: The Director of the Mid–Willamette Education Consortium oversees a regional partnership formed to promote career technical education and extended learning opportunities in the region. The director works with schools in the region to better meet the needs of all students. With other partners, they collaborate and leverage funding to improve the opportunities for all members.

Phone Number: 503-589-7746

E-mail: ed.woods@chemeketa.edu

Sara Hastings

Title: Dean of High School Partnerships | Chemeketa CC

Role Description: The Dean of High School Partnerships cultivates relationships between high schools, students and external organizations – coordinating programs that enhance students’ educational and career readiness experiences.

Phone Number: 503-365-4705

E-mail: sara.hastings@chemeketa.edu

Marshall Roache

Title: Executive Dean of CTE | Chemeketa Community College

Role Description: The Executive Dean of CTE at a community college oversees programs that prepare students for the job market, focusing on skill-based training and industry partnerships. This role involves curriculum development, aligning educational offerings with regional workforce needs and fostering connections between students and potential employers.

Phone Number: 503-399-2339

E-mail: marshall.roache@chemeketa.edu

Debbie Johnson

Title: CTE Regional Coordinator

Role Description: A CTE Regional Coordinator manages and supports Career and Technical Education programs across a specific region, aligning them with both educational standards and workforce requirements. This role entails collaboration with schools and industry to tailor CTE offerings to local job market needs.

Phone Number: 503-589-7747

E-mail: debbie.johnson@chemeketa.edu


Essential Links for Educators

ASPIRE - Oregon Student Aid

ASPIRE – Oregon Student Aid. The ASPIRE program helps educate Oregon students to become career and college ready. ASPIRE offers education, resources and mentoring opportunities for all students.

ASPIRE | Oregon Student Aid
Career Connect Oregon - Curriculum for Educators

Career Connect Oregon – Curriculum for Educators offers curriculum suites aligned with ASCA standards and OARs. Suites include quick-start guides, lesson plans, and handouts. Cooperative learning strategies and creative assessment ideas included in each suite!

View Career Connect Oregon Page
Workforce Talent Development Board

Workforce Talent Development Board provides a productive space for educators to engage and partner with one another that includes innovative task forces, research projects, data and reports, strategies and recommendations.

Link to CTE Educator Resources


Essential Links for Students

Career OneStop

Career OneStop Take this 30-question interest assessment to help you match your interests with exciting careers.

Link to Interest Assessment | Career OneStop
Career Journeys

Career Journeys Watch young Oregonians in high-demand trades share their career journeys and give you a window into their workday.

Watch the Career Journeys Stories
Oregon Career Pathways

Oregon Career Pathways: Explore career pathways through the Oregon Employment Department to understand the education and training needed for different occupations. Learn which jobs are in highest demand and what they pay.

Oregon Career Pathways
CTE Exploration Week

CTE Exploration Week, sponsored by Oregon Career Pathways, offers students aged 14-16 from Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties an opportunity to engage in free hands-on experiences at Chemeketa’s Salem campus. This initiative covers a range of fields including allied health, computer information systems, early childhood education, horticulture, machining, entrepreneurship, and diesel technology (Brooks Campus).

Learn More
Chemeketa CC Program Finder

Chemeketa Community College offers a range of career-oriented programs such as nursing, automotive technology, business management, criminal justice, dental hygiene, early childhood education, engineering, fire prevention, hospitality & tourism management and welding fabrication.

View Chemeketa Program Finder
Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education: Oregon Department of Education offers programs and resources for students interested in technical and vocational education. Learn more about the 6 career areas and find programs in your school.

Career and Technical Education: State of Oregon
Oregon Apprenticeship

Oregon Apprenticeship: This website offers information on registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs, helping students explore hands-on training opportunities in various trades statewide.

Oregon Apprenticeships
Training Corps

Training Corps: For students interested in environmental careers, OCC provides opportunities for training and work experience in conservation. Get paid to learn at AmeriCorps, JobCorps, and YouthCorps while serving in communities across Oregon and the US.

Link to Oregon Conservation Corps
Link to AmeriCorps
Link to YouthCorps
Chemeketa CC Training & Certificate Programs

Chemeketa Community College offers a wide range of short-term training and certificate programs designed for individuals seeking to quickly enhance their skills. These programs include Agribusiness Management, Career Pathways Certificates, Community Agriculture & Pesticide Training, Community Education, Cooperative Work Experience, Cultural Competency, Customized Training, Driver Education, Occupational Skills Training, and Truck Driving. For businesses and community-based organizations, they offer customized training programs.

Link to Chemeketa Programs


Essential Links for Families & Guardians

Search CTE Programs Across the State

Search CTE Programs Across the State. Curious about what Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are available? Visit this link for a database of searchable CTE programs at every high school in Oregon.

Link to Approved CTE Programs (Detail)
Oregon Young Employee Safety

Oregon Young Employee Safety strives to prevent injury and illnesses and promote well-being among young workers through resource sharing and community partnership.

Oregon YES
Oregon Career Information System

Oregon Career Information System provides career exploration and planning tools. Parents can access resources to help their children explore different career paths.

Oregon CIS
Oregon Student Aid

Oregon Student Aid: The Higher Education Coordinating Commission offers information on higher education options in Oregon, including college and university programs.

Plan & Pay for College – Find Oregon Colleges, Universities, and Programs
Personal Education Plan and Profile

Personal Education Plan and Profile: Find out more about this document for secondary students—updated yearly—that contains their interests, coursework, career aspirations, participation in career-related learning and a portfolio of their achievements.

Education Plan and Profile
Oregon C3 Career Journey Maps

Oregon C3 Career Journey Maps are centered around 16 major career clusters and designed to encourage discussion among practitioners, students and their families. Each map includes sample jobs, general specifications, job descriptions, suggestions for preparation, links to additional resources and suggestions for next steps.

Career Journey Maps | C3 Oregon


Essential Links for Community Partners

CTE Programs Database

Search CTE Programs Across the State: Visit this link for a database of searchable CTE Approved CTE Programs offered in Oregon’s high schools. There are two report options available; a Basic Search that displays program information for one secondary school offering CTE within the selected academic year and an Advanced Search that contains additional filtering options allowing users to explore results across, regions, counties, or career areas.

CTE Programs Database
Workforce Talent Development Board - Employer Resources

Workforce Talent Development Board – Employer Resources: Post your job openings, identify qualified candidates and plan for the future of your employees. The majority of the Workforce Talent Development Board is made up of Oregon business leaders from Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Energy, Sports and Apparel, Forest Products, Food and Beverage, and other sectors. The WTDB provides multiple tables, convenings and events for these leaders, and their public sector partners, to develop and drive strategy, policy and value for Oregon’s workforce system.

Link to Workforce Talent Development Board Resources
WorkSource Oregon

WorkSource Oregon: Grow your skilled workers with apprenticeships, internships and training options. WorkSource Oregon is here to partner with your business and provides free services for employers and helps businesses craft job postings for improved results, convene job candidates through job fairs and hiring events. They can also help your business identify possible tax credits, provide customized workforce data analysis, and establish market-competitive wage rates to attract and retain talent.

Link to WorkSource Oregon
Oregon Apprenticeship

Oregon Apprenticeship: Apprenticeships are an excellent way to invest in your community’s young workforce. They compliment classroom learning, ensure a trained and engaged staff, and contribute to worker satisfaction and retention. For details on how your business can participate, follow the link below:

Oregon Apprenticeship
Mapping CTE, STEM, and Workforce Education in Oregon

Mapping CTE, STEM and Workforce Education in Oregon This interactive story map shows how five groups promote career-connected learning and develop job skills across the state. The following maps allow you to interact with Oregon’s Community College Districts, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Partnerships, Education Service Districts, Regional science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) Hubs and Local Workforce Boards.

Mapping the Landscape of CTE, STEM, and Workforce Education
Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries

Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries Minors, their parents and employers should know about the laws that protect children at work. They include hiring and working conditions that are specific to minors, restrictions on the hours and the types of work a minor can do.

BOLI TA Child Labor Law Summaries and Fact Sheet

Regional Career Technical Education Partners and Locations

CCL Places

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