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Welcome to the Marketing Pathway

Explore careers that focus on influencing consumers' buying behavior and generating sales for products and services. This pathway prepares students for diverse roles from cashiers to marketing managers, equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in the marketing industry.

Careers Within the Industry

From selling products to conducting market research, careers in Marketing offer a wide array of opportunities to make a significant impact on consumer behavior and business success. Here are some exciting career paths you can explore:


Cashiers handle customer payments for goods and services, providing customer service and ensuring accurate transactions.

Drivers/Sales Workers

Drivers/Sales Workers drive trucks or other vehicles over established routes to deliver and sell goods.

Retail Salespersons

Retail Salespersons sell merchandise such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances, or apparel to consumers.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents help clients buy, sell, and rent properties, providing guidance and negotiating deals.

Wholesale and Retail Buyers

Wholesale and Retail Buyers purchase goods for resale to consumers at the wholesale or retail level.

Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers plan, direct, and coordinate marketing policies and programs, determining the demand for products and services.

Public Relations Specialists

Public Relations Specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for their employer or client.

Sales Engineers

Sales Engineers sell complex scientific and technological products or services to businesses.

Marketing Careers in Action

Fabian Carter is a communications consultant for Portland General Electric. As a communications strategist, Carter tells stories about his organization and its goals. His strong writing background helps him excel in his role.

Nathan Kahler is a digital marketing producer and social media manager for the world-renowned Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the southern Oregon coast. With his team, Kahler crafts messages about the resort to the public.

Is This Career Path Right for You?

If you enjoy persuading people to buy products or participate in activities, giving presentations and public speaking, making displays and promoting ideas, or doing research and looking for data, a career in Marketing might be perfect for you. This pathway is ideal for those who are creative, persuasive, competitive, enthusiastic, and self-motivated.

Essential Interests:

  • Enjoy persuading people to buy products or participate in activities
  • Interested in giving presentations and public speaking
  • Passionate about making displays and promoting ideas
  • Like doing research and looking for data

Essential Skills:

  • Enjoy persuading people to buy products or participate in activities
  • Interested in giving presentations and public speaking
  • Passionate about making displays and promoting ideas
  • Like doing research and looking for data

Essential Knowledge:

  • Understanding of business education and marketing
  • Knowledge of computer applications, economics, and psychology
  • Familiarity with sociology and world geography

Career Planning Action Plan​

Get prepared for a career in Marketing!

STEP 1: start by taking classes in any of the following subject areas:

  • Business Education / Marketing: study the principles of marketing, including market research, advertising, and sales strategies.
  • Computer Applications: learn about software and tools used in marketing, such as spreadsheets, presentations, and data analysis.
  • Economics: gain an understanding of economic principles and their application in marketing.
  • Psychology: study the science of behavior and mental processes to understand consumer behavior.
  • Sociology: learn about social behavior and society to better understand market segments and consumer needs.
  • World Geography: study the physical and human geography to understand global markets and cultural differences.

STEP 2: explore and plan your career path:

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your interests.
  • Identify relevant classes and dual-credit opportunities.
  • Explore community activities for skill-building.
  • Research jobs on the Quality Info Website.

STEP 3: assess and refine your career goals:

  • Create a career and college plan with your advisor.
  • Complete the interest profile, skills assessment, and reality check on the Oregon CIS Website.
  • Watch Career Journey Videos to gain insights from industry professionals.

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Marketing Jobs in Oregon

Career Planning

High-demand Jobs in Oregon

Here are three careers in high demand right now in Oregon.

Retail Salespersons

Education: Less than High School to High School Diploma

Annual Average Wage: $35,376

Duties: Sell merchandise, such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances, or apparel to consumers.

Why it's in demand: With ongoing consumer demand, there is a steady need for retail salespersons who can provide excellent customer service and drive sales.

Sales Managers

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Average Wage: $127,623

Duties: Plan, direct, or coordinate the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer.

Why it's in demand: Effective sales management is crucial for business success, making sales managers essential for overseeing sales operations and strategies.

Market Research Analysts

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Average Wage: $65,000

Duties: Study market conditions to examine potential sales of a product or service.

Why it's in demand: With the need for data-driven marketing strategies, the demand for market research analysts who can provide insights into consumer behavior is increasing.

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