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Empowering youth to serve Oregon’s communities through service-based construction projects. By merging skills training with community service, we shape a brighter future for all.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, educate and empower youth through hands-on construction and manufacturing projects. We provide pathways for career development in high-demand trades while addressing the urgent need for safe and sustainable housing. By forging partnerships among schools, industry professionals and community organizations, we create opportunities for all students to develop technical proficiency, workforce readiness and essential employability skills. Our commitment extends to supporting disaster recovery, reducing homelessness and building resilient communities across Oregon. Through collaboration, innovation and dedication, we are building skills, building homes and building community.

Project Overview

The Challenge Ahead

Current Housing Shortage:

Oregon has a shortage of 140,000 homes. This gap must be closed to ensure stable housing for all residents.

Future Housing Needs:

The state needs to produce 443,566 homes over 20 years. This production is crucial to keep pace with demand.

10-Year Production Goal:

To meet needs, 361,781 homes must be built in 10 years. This requires a significant ramp-up in housing production.

Annual Production Goal:

This requires building about 36,000 homes each year. Meeting this goal is vital for long-term stability.

Current Production Rate:

Currently, Oregon builds 20,000 homes per year on average. This rate is insufficient to meet future needs.

Required Increase:

The state must double production to meet annual goals. Achieving this will require substantial efforts and resources.
**Information from Executive Order No. 23-04: Establishing a Statewide Housing Production Goal and Housing Production Advisory Council.**





Learning Through Building

Students participating in Team Oregon Build gain critical skills in construction and manufacturing. These projects provide hands-on experience that goes beyond the campus. Connecting students with their communities makes the work more meaningful. Classrooms become work sites, where students learn technical skills in a safe, collaborative environment. The program also teaches essential employability skills, like teamwork, communication, dependability, and leadership. These skills matter for every student, in every career path.

Teaching With Purpose

For educators, Team Oregon Build boosts student engagement through hands-on, project-based learning. The program integrates Career Technical Education (CTE) practice, with Science Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) principles. The work turns classrooms into active learning spaces. Educators empower their students to find solutions to challenges facing all Oregonians. The project puts teachers’ theory into practice. The product makes the work real for educators and the students they serve.

Partnering With Industry

For industry professionals, partnering with Team Oregon Build helps develop a skilled, future-ready workforce. These collaborations train students in the essential skills employers need. Industry partners gain a steady stream of talented young professionals ready for high-demand roles. This addresses critical workforce gaps across the state. Industry partners also help build their own communities and give back through this service-learning model.

Working Alongside Community

Community members who engage with Team Oregon Build play a vital role in developing their neighborhoods. Their participation supports local educational programs and helps build essential housing. This direct involvement helps solve Oregon’s housing needs while strengthening community bonds. It also ensures projects align with local values, building a strong sense of unity and achievement.

Team Oregon Build in Action

Hands, heads, hearts, and homes.

By using their hands to build, their heads to innovate, their hearts to serve the community, and creating homes for those in need, students are empowered to make a real impact.

Behind the Build

Team Oregon Build is an Oregon Department of Education-funded project built within the Career Connected Learning framework. At it’s core, the program engages students with hands-on construction projects. They build structures like sheds, cottages, and benches, which helps them learn valuable skills while addressing housing needs in their communities. This initiative combines practical learning with community service, preparing students for future careers in high-demand trades.
Team Oregon Build brings together a diverse group of partners and agencies to support its mission. These include educators from 38 schools across Oregon, industry professionals, and community organizations. Key partners include Oregon Department of Education, Career Connected Learning, Lane Education Service District, Southern Oregon Education Service District, Future Build in Eugene 4J, Lane Community College, Klamath Community College, and Willamette Career Academy.
The vision for Team Oregon Build is to introduce students to CTE in elementary school to develop skills that meet community and industry needs. The program aims to create a sustainable ecosystem where education, workforce development and disaster recovery are interconnected. By engaging students in real-world projects, the initiative addresses issues like homelessness and disaster resilience, fostering a community prepared to respond to crises.

Long-term goals include securing sustainable funding and legislative support to expand and maintain these programs statewide. Team Oregon Build aims to build a skilled workforce to meet construction industry demands and contribute to community resilience and recovery efforts. Success stories and best practices will be highlighted to encourage broader participation and support across the state.
Students are building a variety of structures, including storage sheds (8×8′ and 8×16′), cottages (8×16′), and cottage accessories like planter box benches, tables, and chairs. These projects are designed to meet community needs and provide temporary housing solutions.
Students gain critical skills in construction and manufacturing, including hands-on technical skills in a safe, collaborative environment. They also develop essential employability skills like teamwork, communication, dependability, and leadership. These experiences prepare students for high-wage, family-sustaining careers in various trades.
Team Oregon Build began as a collaborative effort to address the need for skilled workers and housing solutions in Oregon. The initiative was inspired by successful programs like Future Build in Eugene 4J, Lane ESD’s Constructing a Brighter Future, and Southern Oregon ESD’s Bus Build Project. These programs demonstrated the potential for hands-on learning to engage students, teach valuable skills, and serve the community. By bringing together these exemplar programs and expanding their reach, Team Oregon Build was created to provide students across the state with opportunities to learn and make a difference.
The program addresses the housing shortage by building shelters and temporary housing units. It supports disaster recovery efforts and provides housing for those in need. Additionally, these projects foster community healing and resilience by bringing together students, educators, and industry professionals to work on practical, impactful solutions.

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Join the Team!

Getting involved in Team Oregon Build is an opportunity to make a significant impact on students’ lives and the community. By participating, you help equip students with essential skills, support educational initiatives, and contribute to addressing the housing crisis in Oregon.

For Instructors:

Join to see increased student engagement and attendance through hands-on, project-based learning. Transform your classroom into a dynamic learning environment and build connections with industry professionals. Help your students learn practical skills and foster community healing and resilience.

For Industry Partners:

Collaborate with Team Oregon Build to help train future workers and give back to your community. Benefit from a steady stream of talented young professionals ready for high-demand roles. Address critical workforce gaps and contribute to community development through a service-learning model.

For School and District Administrators:

Support Team Oregon Build to enhance CTE programs in your region. This initiative provides hands-on, project-based learning, that aligns with educational goals and state standards. By building partnerships with industry professionals and community organizations, administrators can ensure students receive valuable skills training while addressing local housing needs.

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